July 2013

Just arrived home from Armley Mill Victorian (secretly Steampunk) Fair, lovely to see everyone, drive home was pretty nerve wracking in the horrendous downpour. Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to some of you, but we couldn't find people again. Very excited about my new acquisition from Adam McSkelly - McSkelly Leathers, a lovely hand made map tube. Hopefully will acquire more stuff next time.


Lovely venue Jo. Really enjoyed it.


had a great day and need to take more money next time! Thanks Jo Dee for organising πŸ™‚


August 2013 (Leeds Central Library)

Really enjoyed this day, I think the fact that we were limited to one building meant things were a little more , 'intimate' and we got to know people a little better. x


Lovely to see all dressed up and enjoying themselves! Sad I couldn't stay longer, but the big legs are a bit of a bugger after a while... :D See you in October


Great day, thanks for organising Jo 


October 2013 (Leeds Industrial Mill)

Had a great afternoon! Loads to see. There are some very talented people out there! xx


Well done for a most interesting day.


Great day many thanks all concerned!


Wanted to say thank you for a lovely day yesterday, we had a great time


March 2014 (Leeds Industrial Mill)

Really enjoyed being there even if it was in disguise (day job attire). lol. Looking forward to the next one.


I was only able to come on the Saturday with some of the League and we had a great time. Lovely to be with nice people again! Representation from the League of Splendid will be pleased to join everyone.... Woooh...


June 2014 (Thwaites Mill)

a huge thank you for organising this weekends event. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it was a real success thanks to all your hard work.


fun day today, people certainly appeared to enjoy it!


October 2014 (Armley Mill)

We had an awesome time and did I tell you I won the tea duelling thanks for the lovely medal made by Quentin Cumberpatch I will wear it proudly


Great to see you both today, medals and brooches all now well in place! Seemed to be a lot busier than last time and more packed with traders, Nicely done!


Lots of lovely moments...the owl and the pussycat face off, Otto's costume, Biff Raven-Hill's hat, Raven Morris, Angela to the rescue, Lorna Grace Vibert for the tablets, The travelling tea tent complete with hamster power... Smg.x


Fantastic weekend with truly splendid people


Well done, excellent weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday next...


December 2014 (Thackray Medical Museum)


I liked it


Fantastic day today, any idea who the photographers are? Big well done for the organising!


Great day, thoroughly enjoyed it πŸ™‚


Loved it. Never been to Thackray before but it seemed well thought through and planned. Well done x

D W 

I thought it was a particularly good atmosphere today too - great fun! I had a brilliant time today! Thank you, Jo and Si, for all your hard work in organising it. xx 

I thought the museum seemed like a good space for LSM and they do amazing chocolate brownies in the cafΓ© - think I consumed a whole week's worth of calories in one brownie! :)


Great day - great people, great stalls, great location :-)


Just splendid absolutely loved it .

Thanks to everyone who made possible 


Visitor perspective: Excellent bright, welcoming and interesting venue with plenty of modestly priced car parking. I like the combo of museum and market - makes for a full day out. Cafe very good. Great to be welcomed with a smile from the door staff and ushered in. For togs (and historians) having the cemetery opposite is a bonus. Superb merchandise, varied and consistently high quality, offered by friendly traders. Stalls well laid out in rooms of differing character. Loved it.


We really enjoyed it. Although maybe I'll have time for breakfast next time!



March 2015 (Leeds Industrial Museum)


Pottered around on Sunday, spent all my money, and had an excellent time despite the somewhat miserable weather... photos of the new hat and shirt to follow....



Wow guys what an awesome Steamskunk welcome......making the monkey come back again tomorrow.......



An amazing added bonus! You just never know what you'll see at a steampunk event! (Re: Wilfred)


Great event Jo and Si, thank you.


Great Sunday thanks for matching medal with the rest of my outfit had a great day do it again!!!


March 2015 (Elemental gig)

Had a wonderful bouncy time at Prof Elemental's gig tonight πŸ™‚ Lots of long words and a good beat, just how I like my songs lol! Saw absolutely nothing of what was happening on stage, but Mr.G took pity on me snd took a few photos to give me an idea. Support group Biscuit Badgers were good fun, with whimsical songs about cheese and an homage to David Attenborough.  They also did a number on Venus fly traps with the lyrics taken straight from the Carnivorous Plants Society Bulletin πŸ˜‰ Fab! Thanks to  Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal and Si Burgoyne Neal for a great night xx 




June 2015 (Thwaite Mills)


thank you such a lovely day... smg.x

(Spy Master General)

Great day - even without said lift (I got up there with my team of Sherpas eventually). Lucky the weather held out for you. 




August 2015 (Leeds Central Library)


Fab event, thanks Si and Jo Lovely authors, so interesting to talk to them. Really great idea. Look forward to the next one!


This is so awesome!




October 2015 (Leeds Industrial Museum)


A fun and interesting day at the Steampunk Market and the Museum. And we won on the raffle - yay! No men's footwear though - boo!



Wonderful day! Met lovely people! Thank you so much!!



Was there yesterday, awesome day



Attended yesterday rather than today. My very first event, not counting running in and out of Asylum. The Memsaab pooh poohed my purchase of a pith helmet though. Still time.



Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome day today (Saturday)! Was good to see a few familiar faces (Exhibitors and visitors) :)


I love my two purchases πŸ™‚



Sat in a tearoom in an industrial museum watching a werewolf-thing in a corset having a biscuit dunking duel. Why is life so predictable?


I personally LOVE the LSM and wouldn't change it in any way...It's well organised, has a great variety of traders & most importantly it's great FUN and that's down to you both xx😊


It's always well organised Jo, you should be proud of what you and Si have achieved over the past year. well done to you both xxx



December 2015 (Thackray Museum)


Had a great day today, cheers!


Great event at Thackray Medical Museum, lots of fabulous crafts and creations. Would love to see more like this in Harehills. Only found out by chance, but if you notify about future events in area Id be happy to share info...



Great merchandise. Need to get me some medals! (Re: Captain Cumberpatch)



Enjoyed. Spent plenty of money... early Christmas presents. Looking forward to one at Armley Mills Museum

Ian J 


Had a lovely day here today, bought lots of beautiful things and chatted to a lot of beautiful people



March 2016 (Bradford Industrial Museum)


Loved the Market. We went on Saturday. Very friendly people. Would have loved to come back on the Sunday but there is no buses that run to the museum on a Sunday. Which is a shame as it seems that was the most busiest day looking at the photos. We'll be around for the next one.


Glad to hear LSM will return to Bradford. Really like the venue. 


Great venue, we really enjoyed saturday, well done you two. 


congratulations Si and Jo Dee !!


What a pleasantly splendid surprise it was for my first visit to a Steampunk event. The stories that I had heard of burning at the stake, gauging of the eyes and hangings by your entrails for outsiders were totally untrue and a damn lie. Although I did come close to being splashed by a smoothie maker powered by a penny farthing.

Instead I found the people to be more than welcoming with some wonderful wares to be sold, including jams & jewellery, skulls & scripts, hats & coats, books & buns.

It was great to see so many people, both young and old coming together with a shared interest. It was like stepping back in time, taking a different path and then coming back to the future. It reminded me of my old punk days without the anger or the Goth days with bright outlook for the future.

I find the whole style of Victorian old and new so photogenic and I managed to get some great photos and some better friends.

I'm hooked now and I look forward to visiting many more Steampunk events in the near future, or should that be the past.



Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Sunday. Bradford was our third LSM and by far the best... Great location and a good mix of traders, tho it would be nice to see the mix change a little - loved Albion Artefacts for example! And the time travelling tea tent too! Well done to you both! Good luck and hopefully see you at the next one?



Excellent event and our first market. Nice change of pace from the Railway Museum. Both Wonderful. Thanks from

Jacqui and Jim 


Well done Jo and Si, great day at Bradford industrial museum.



Loved the accidental change of venue guys good choice. Had a fantastic day at Bradford Mill - well worth a visit!

Had a most enjoyable day. Thanks for all your hard work guys x



Thank you, Leeds Steampunk Market (Sun) 6th March, Had a brilliant day out.



I had a wonderful time as usual at LSM, I think my next visit will be the christmas one now (depends on how many weekends I can book off work this year), but I simply love LSM everytime.



So good we came 3 times :) loved it xxx



Hi everyone. I visited the event today and I want to say how awesome it was!



Had a great day out with Nikki, our first time out in costume! Thanks for all the encouragement and Nikki has a great new hat!

Got some great accessories too, loved the medal Jo!



Thank you everyone for all the interesting stalls. I had a wonderful day walking round and buying some bits and pieces. Everyone was really friendly and the museum itself is a wonderful place.


It was brilliant we enjoyed it



Wow that was an amazing event, thank you!


Always a joy


Grand day really enjoyed it 


Lovely day out really enjoyed it thank you xxxx


Had an amazing time!


Splendid day out, your best event ever, thoroughly enjoyed it!


Quite simply...you ROCK!


Thanks to both of you for your hard work in arranging the event. We had a lovely day on Saturday. Looking forward to the next one


Thanks to you and Jo for organising another fabulous weekend - all four of the Dawsons are chuffed with their purchases from Captain Cumberpatch's Curious Creations! See you next month. X


Kudos to you (Si) and Jo, you did a hell of a job, right through from the floods to getting everybody on site over the weekend.




April/May 2016 (Bagshaw Museum)


Amazing location x


Thanks for the great day out



I loved this place! We have just had a lovely afternoon out at the peripatetic LSM. Very interesting Victorian mansion with wholly unexpected Egyptian artefacts, large stuffed birds and lots of fab stalls πŸ™‚ Highly recommended if you haven't yet been. Open tomorrow!

Thank you, Jo & Si for another great Market x




July 2016 (Middleton Railway)


Excellent day out thank you xx


Thank you for a rather splendid weekend, we both enjoyed every minute of it. 



I'll second that, walked out with less than Β£2.00 in my pocket!




October 2016 (Leeds Industrial Museum)


I went on Sunday and had a really great time. This is the 3rd steampunk event I've been to and it was by far the best! There were so many stalls and so many interesting items for sale. - My purse feels a lot lighter now! Everyone was so nice and chatty. It was great to see so many people dressed up too. I took my friend with me and he has never been to anything like this before, he had a great time and has now got more into steampunk! Thanks to everyone who set this up and all the sellers. I look forward to seeing you all again at some point..



I'd just like to thank Jo and Si for an amazing day as always. I'd also like to thank Damon and Su for helping me out with the Disabled Parking and the staff at Armley Mills for all their help getting me around. Thanks again for an amazing day :)



My first steampunk market & had a great time. Can't wait for the next one!



Today was my 1st Steam punk event & all I can say was I really enjoyed it. All the stall holders were lovely. Had my daughter with her 2 month old son plus my other grandson & even he enjoyed it esp seeing the pirates that were there. Looking forward to trying the jam I bought.



Just back from the event and a big thanks to the organisers - loads of amazing stalls and a fantastic day.



Jo - congratulations on such a charming event at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills - Leeds Steampunk Market - and thanks to all stallholders and visitors for their help and info ...


Me dogs are barking..... Never really understood where that phrase comes from. Lots of walking at LSM, thank you Si and Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal for another well run market. I've spent loads at the same time as spending time with lovely old and new friends. 

This steampunk malarkey is expensive! 


Had a great time. My first coffee duel, and some more bits and pieces, including great goggles and lo and behold, an off the shelf corset that fits a big lass like me. Can't join you tomorrow though, have fun! Kathy

Was a great market, would love to come back tomorrow, but alas, feet and purse will not allow lol xxx


I'm not coming again. I spent a fortune. πŸ˜‰


Well done, everyone! X

On the bus back to Leeds, I met a young lass who had attended the event for the first time - she said it was great too! 




December 2016 (Thackray Museum)


Another great day at the LSM event today and for all those of you missed make sure you check it out and a big thanks to Jo and all the other traders for making this possible


Having a great day here at Thackray medical museum for LSM Surgical Spirit. Fabulous girlie day      oo-ing and aah-ing over all the shiny fantabulous items to buy.

Thanks to Lady Calamity Jane for the wondrous hats, can't recommend this lovely lady enough!

Thanks also to Si and Jo as always for your hard work in putting together these events ... Especially Si's horn today.* Parp-parp * πŸ€“


January 2017 (Sunbridge Wells day out)

Had a great day thanks Jo and Si for organising


What a great day out, was nice to socialise and just meet up for a natter.


Thanks si and jo for a great day and sharen and Michael for the lift :) great to meet people you don't see all the time xx


That was lots of fun! Great to meet everyone and many thanks to those that gave me feedback on my ideas for the Yorkshire rose brooches. Thanks to Si and Jo for organising it too.


Thanks to si and jo for a loverly day out. A nice little break from the cold and mundane with like minded friends




March 2017 (Bradford Industrial Museum)


Had a lovely day and collected my gorgeous Wilkinson boarding gun and holster from the brilliantly clever Cockett & Pugh but Dammit he must be using mind bending techniques as every time I see him I buy something. How though could I resist the gun at the top so very well made. Thank you Sir this Gentleman is now well armed and prepared to defend any Ladies in distress he finds



Had a fab day at Leeds Steampunk Markets, if you are not sure if you are going tomorrow, make the effort and go...it is definitely worth it


Had a lovely day and collected my gorgeous Wilkinson boarding gun and holster from the brilliantly clever Cockett & Pugh but Dammit he must be using mind bending techniques as every time I see him I buy something. How though could I resist the gun at the top so very well made. Thank you Sir this Gentleman is now well armed and prepared to defend any Ladies in distress he finds


I really enjoyed the day I spent at the Steampunk market. The setting was brilliant. I particularly liked the old machine shop where there were lots of machines just like the ones I did my gearcutting apprenticeship on.

Emma Jane



May 2017 (Abbey House Museum)


Had a fantastic day today! We've met so many lovely people and are looking forward to tomorrow :)

Sarah Jayne 

Our day at the steam punk market (Abbey house museum, Leeds) yesterday. (Re: photos on Fb)

We arrived a bit late but saw lots and loved the atmosphere


Had a splendid afternoon at Leeds Steampunk Market was good to catch up with Lisa Lumley Moore, John Lumley-moore, Rachel Barrett, Michael Young and Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal


Another Leeds Steampunk Market event, this time at Abbey House Museum in Leeds - great venue - good find Jo & Si!


Great turn out


Amazing event this weekend thanks


Thank YOU! We always love LSM and today was no exception, meeting up with the friends we've made on our steampunk journey, enjoying the entertainment and buying treats - what more could we need from a day out?!


We had a great time


Roll on the next one!


This was our first visit to LSM, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back for the next one. It was lovely chatting with you about buttons too! Lol


Excellent time was had by both Debra and myself. Thank you




July 2017 (Middleton Railway)


Amazing atmosphere,wonderful people and the effort that went into steam punk attire looked fantastic.


Spent a nice afternoon at the lsm steampunk event at middleton railway. Met some people we know and some we did'nt know before today. The sun shone the tea  strong and the memsahib bought me a new frock coat. Happy days !!!


Sep/Oct 2017 (Leeds Industrial Museum) 

Thanks @LeedsSteampunks @LeedsMuseums  and steampunk peeps, had a great day out :-) #steampunk  #leeds


Had a cracking time today! Our Boston Hiro loved meeting everyone πŸ–€


December 2017 (Bradford Industrial Museum)

Brought my son today as he's into steampunk, he absolutely loved it, the stalls were great and the people so friendly to him, he had an amazing day and got some brilliant things thanks so much to everyone involved πŸ˜€


We attended today with our kids. I must say how wonderful everyone looked.


March 2018 (Leeds Industrial Museum)

They hold the markets in some interesting venues and have some really good traders, so well worth the visit


Our first Steampunk event! Smashing! βš™οΈπŸ—œοΈπŸ””πŸ”ŽβŒšπŸ’€πŸŽ©πŸ‘’


Had a fantastic few hours, met some fabulous people and am all spent out!! Glad the weather held out this time!! 😊


It's a great event for kids


Just turn up and enjoy!


March 2018 gig

Very pleasant time thank you


May 2018 (Bradford Industrial Museum)

found him, followed him had a great time thank you πŸ˜€

Mel (re: Captain of the Lost Waves)

Really impressed by yesterday. Keep it up!


June/July 2018 (Middleton Railway)

I'm full of admiration for anyone with the stamina to wear a furry costume in this heat.


We weren't there long but had a lovely time


Had a great day lovely place and people


Nice to see everyone today, we have had a lovely day. Thanks Jo xx


And very nice they were too, another fantastic day in fabulous company.



September 2018 (Calderdale Industrial Museum) 

It really was a wonderful day out. My daughter and I were incredibly impressed with the traders and with the museum. The way the stalls merged in with the exhibits in the museum was excellent. - and the lovely little touches such as the street magician and owls were such a treat :) I can only begin to imagine what a feat it was to organise and pull off such an event - Fabulously well done! I can't wait for future ones :)


Lovely time had on Sunday, friendly people who were helpful and gave good advice about putting things together. I was mesmerised by the effort put in to some fab outfits too! Thank you.



Such a lovely museum and lovely staff. Lots of public... We had a lovely day meeting old and new traders


Really enjoyed the market today !


Me too..............x 


We thought this museum was brilliant & it definitely needs to become a regular LSM venue so we can keep up with the machinery updates.


Really enjoyed it 😊🎩 Bought some great stuff and chatted to some great people. Very interesting demos and machinery. Great venue (& on the doorstep for us!!)


Loved this museum, had a fab time


It was my first event. I had a really great time and was amazed by all the stalls.


December 2018 (Bradford Industrial Museum)

Always a great event.. very friendly traders plus entertainments too. The venues are really interesting with lots to take the eye, no time for boredom. Attending any of the events leads to coming home with a surfeit of fresh ideas.


Went to the one late last year and loved it. (Written in May 2019)


Thank you for organising another great event.

We had a brilliant time meeting so many friendly and talented people


March 2019 (Abbey House Museum)

 Thanks for a fantastic day out on Saturday! The venue was gorgeous and actually seeing everyone in action has spurred us on to be there in May. 

C & F

Great day as always at Leeds steampunk market - looking forward to the next one! 


I had so much fun today at Leeds steampunk market Red heart I adore steampunk and my god I adore this corset, I naturally have a very tiny waist but nothing ever comes in enough to show it off… 


Lovely day Jo,we were there Sunday.x


Roll on the next one there. Had a great Sat


Had a great time at the market. Always great for picking up some interesting and inspirational ideas.


Went today was good . It’s like a mini Castle Museum York.


Loved the event on Saturday. Had a great time, met new friends and spent dosh. The message re weapons didn't seem to get through to some I saw one bloke with a sword strapped to his back. Not sure how this can be addressed but its a message we all need to pass on I think. Otherwise a fab event and looking forward to Mays :-) Thank you for organising x


Spoiled a bit by the weather but turned out a good day for us photographers that attended


great seeing everyone today XX roll on the next event β€οΈπŸ’™ 


it was a lovely day, great start to our first steampunk outing this year xx

very nice to see everybody today, see you soon xx


it was a really good day Leigh, you and Jake look as though you're having a good time x.


May 2019 (Bradford Industrial Museum)

What a great afternoon out, really enjoyed it


What a fantastic time we had at yesterday,s steam punk, Thanks Jo


Very enjoyable


July 2019 (Middleton Railway)

Visited #leedssteampunkmarket today middletonrailway and Boudica had her first ride on a train, even better it was a steam train and despite all the noise and smoke she loved it

Elliot (Twitter)

ooOOooh, the train one :)


October 2019 (Calderdale Industrial Museum)

It was a fab outing... πŸ€— lots of purchases made πŸ’•


March 2020 (Abbey House Museum)

We had a great time on Sunday, met lots of friends, made some new friends and spent a few quid. Nice to see some great new traders as well as the usual suspects. 

A great day at the Leeds Steampunk Market event at Abbey House museum. We met some lovely people, chatted with friends and completely missed some friends we wanted to meet up with. 


Hope you managed to retrieve the bits from the grate Jo. We had a lovely time. Xx


Had a great day on Saturday x thank you for looking after Emily's wings xx


Thank you for a great day out! 😁


Great time at abbey house today.


A brlliant day out with wonderful friends having loads of fun at Abbey House Museum and Kirkstall Abbey.


Thankyou for a brilliant day out, we really enjoyed it. Fantastic company as always

Tracy & Paul

super day today enjoyed the company

John A

Yep we enjoyed the day not long been back

John S

Really enjoyed it & looking forward to next year. I spent a small fortune! Also got fingers crossed for Armley as we have missed attending there.


The reason why I and family almost didn’t come was because of Coronavirus. I’m on immunosuppressive drugs. Have a bad immune system anyway and have sever asmtha. However I wanted to risk it! I’m glad I did as I know I can’t make the next event in May and anything can now happen with Coronavirus getting worse.


Fantastic afternoon with my very own steampunk fairy ... πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ thank you Jo  x


July 2023 (Middleton Railway)

Good to see LSM back. 😁


Well done for Saturday, really enjoyed our visit and looking forward to Halifax in October πŸ‘πŸ‘


a great time was had!


Had a lovely day at Middleton Railway on Saturday, good to be back there. Thank you


We had a great time on the Sunday


A most splendiferous day spent at Middleton Railway. Catching up with old friends and making new ones. We even spoke to a few muggles (Craig and Susan I 'm looking at you πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„). And the rain held off too. 😍😍😍


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