Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mill has flood alleviation work on the River Aire starting on the site from August 2021.  This is extensive work and will mean that the ground floor is inaccessible* to anybody but essential workers.
(*see note at bottom for further information) 

(Please check on these before travelling in case timetables are changed by WYMetro)

The number 15 bus operates between Leeds train station and Leeds Industrial Museum. There is a bus stop just outside the main doors of the train station in Leeds centre and  the number 15 bus drops you off opposite the carpark of Armley Mill on Canal Road. 
Bus numbers 33, 34, 35, 60, 508 and 757 travel from the city centre to the Vue Cinema complex on Kirkstall Road. Access is available behind the complex over the footbridge.

The nearest train station is Burley Park which is a 1 mile walk from the museum. Leeds train station is 1.6 miles away.

Leeds Industrial Museum is located just two miles out of the city centre on Canal Road, off the main A65 road to Kirkstall. Free on-site parking is available and is a 1 minute walk from the entrance.


The museum staff are trying to persuade them to include a pathway for the public to exit the building and walk around the outside of the building, but it is looking doubtful if this can be arranged.  It will mean that when the public leave the final gallery, they will have to come up the far stairs to the second floor, come along the gallery and exit through the Cinema fire exit.  If there are people that are unable to negotiate stairs, then they will be brought up in the lift. 
The route around the building is one way at the moment with the stairs to the cinema (on the corner where Si used to have his stand when it was a smaller setup) closed off to the public.  All of the stairs are down only (this may change due to the work) and you have to walk around in a loop and back to the start if you want to see anything again.  

What the staff are proposing to do to make it easier for people, on my market days, is open the cinema fire exit door and let people go out of that and back in the entrance door to rejoin the loop of top floor south to north and second floor north to south.  I would have traders on the two floors as usual.

I should be able to use the Conference Room so would add traders back up there if need be and have the café area.  We don’t know what restrictions will be for the café - at the moment they are not selling refreshments and have closed that area off.  (We assume that by October the most stringent of restrictions would be table service only but who knows.)  The stairs to the Conference room are open and airy and they have signs up asking people to be mindful of others. The toilets are there so they can’t do any other. They don’t know about the number allowed in or if they can allow people to sit in the cinema.  

This is something that they will hopefully know now (I need to get an update). The work is expected to go on for more than a year and was due to start in the last week of July 2021.  At the moment the ground floor area that will definitely be closed to the public is the area outside of the locomotive gallery.

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