PITCHES: At most of our locations the traders are mixed in with the exhibitions throughout the building.

Owing to the varied nature and layout of the event venues (owing to their listed status), you must advise of any mobility or health issues (well in advance) which may impact upon where your pitch is located.

If you have any special requirements (ie needing power), this information should be detailed on your booking form / email so that we can try to accommodate them. Requests for specific pitch layouts and positions within the venue will be taken into consideration and every effort will be made to honour requests. However, these requests will be balanced with the need for supply of power and to minimise the proximity of similar stalls to each other. 

We reserve the right to move stands and relocate space previously allocated to traders (although we do our best not to and haven't yet!)

A single pitch will hold ONE 6ft table (size of table is usually 2 foot deep) with space behind for a chair or two. You can have either a 6ft rail in the space or a 4ft rail with a mannequin or just stick to having one 6ft trestle table – this is all it will hold and no more! Dependent on the location, the table/rail might be flush to the wall so the trader's chair might not be behind the table but to the side of it. We will try our best to meet specific requirements but this may not always be possible. 

If you want to fit in 2 x 6ft rails/tables, (in an L shape, sat one behind the other referred to as a backing table or side by side) this will need a corner pitch. 

A straight double is 2 x single tables side by side.

If you trade with three 6ft items, this would effectively be a triple, done with either an L shape followed by a single or three singles in one line or in a deep U shape.

Anything any larger, please get in touch to explain your set up more fully. 

Some venues allow us the use of the outdoor areas as well so if you want to trade from your own gazebo we can come to a special arrangement with pricing. Can't guarantee the weather nor where you will be located so bring along a A-board to put near the doors to send people your way.

Please be aware that any outdoor set ups need to be packed up at the end of each day as there is no facility to remain on the grounds overnight - all venues are locked and secured and their insurance will will not allow traders to sleep inside in a campervan nor to take responsibility for anything left out. 

All indoor pitches can be left set up if trading both days - you do not need to pack down. These are left at your own risk although all buildings are fully secured.

If trading Saturday or both days you can also drop off your stuff on the Friday when we are there setting up the tables. This is usually for just a couple of hours 3-5 or 4-6pm. These times are advised when load in is emailed out on the week before the event.

There is only a limited amount of double pitches available on each day. We would prefer to have 30-50% of the traders doing just one day to give the customers plenty of reason to attend on both days. Specify on your response if you can do either day but have a preference or if you can only do both days.

Do be aware that the availability of single and double pitches on a Saturday often are filled first although footfall is often higher on the Sunday.


Standard pitch prices for the rest of our events currently are:

£40 for a single pitch for one day.

£70 for a corner pitch for one day.

£80 for a double pitch for one day.

£80 for a single pitch for both days.

£140 for a corner pitch for both days.

£160 for a double pitch for both days.

You can secure for now with a deposit of £20 and pay in instalments if it helps.

There is no discount for doubles or trading both days.

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