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From 2015 from a goth friend that has been traded regularly at our events over the years before retiring to Whitby: 
"If you have never been to one of these Steampunk Markets you really should give it a try. I'm not a Steampunk I'm an old Goth but that doesn't matter, these are some of the friendliest people I have met and are always welcoming. People ask me what steampunk is - just like people have always asked what Goth is; well, Steampunk is a load of people having fun enjoying the part of history that never happened but should have. There that's about as vague as explanations I have given about Goth all these years. Come and have a look round the next event but don't forget your camera, you will be glad you did!"

Had this one recently (January 2020) from a friend that has been to lots of our events over the years as well as arranging his own in the north of England. Found this to be a very honest summary of what we do and greatly appreciated. Thanks!

"LSM has always been an oasis though, you've always had the attitude right, other people seem to have lost sight of the whole purpose of steampunk..."

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