Update regarding 2020 LSM events.

We would like to provide an update on our current position.


Hello everyone!
Apologies for my absence.
If you haven't heard - well, my husband Si passed away on 1st October following a very short battle with cancer. I've been swamped with so much stuff to deal with it that LSM has had to go on the back burner. 
Right, so now it seems like I now have time to finally let you all know what's going on workwise.

On a day to day basis, I'll be continuing with Si's brand of Captain Cumberpatch's Curious Creations. (Tbh, I've been helping with making stock since 2016 and no one's noticed the difference!) These are all on the website (, 1500 listings are on eBay and Etsy should be back up and running in a few days.
That's the only income I have right now so making stock to keep levels up to date has to be my first priority.

Leeds Steampunk Market booked for December at Leeds Industrial Museum is cancelled and other dates booked and in the diary are currently suspended. LSM is not going to be happening for a while as covid restrictions are preventing it. I'll provide updates when I have them but I can safely say we're going to be looking at sometime in 2021, earliest probably from spring onwards.

I'm getting back onto the Leeds Steampunk Virtual Markets and the next one is due to be in just under two weeks time, 7th and 8th November, then after that 5th and 6th December. I had 2 offers in the past to help with this so taking them up on it!


26th October 2020


This is from an email from Leeds City Council which currently affects our December event.

"Updated guidance on social gatherings
From Monday 14 September, new laws are being brought in by government to ban social gatherings of more than six people. The law change means that, from Monday, it will be against the law for groups of more than six to meet indoors or outdoors, including homes, gardens and indoor venues.

Workplaces and education settings won’t be affected by this change. Venues such as pubs, restaurants, shops and places of worship will remain open, but people can only visit these in groups of up to six people and must not mix with other groups inside those venues.

Those in a single household or a support bubble of more than six people can continue to socialise with each other but must not meet with anyone outside of their household or support bubble at the same time.

Failure to comply with the new rules could result in a £100 fine and those who have already received a fine will see these doubled on each offence, up to a maximum of £3,200.

You can find out more on the government’s website."

With this in mind, we are keeping December in the diary for now but consider it "to be confirmed".

21st September 2020


Calderdale Industrial Museum was due to be our October market and we have been advised that their H&S guy is putting together a plan for them to reopen to the public mid-September in time for the Heritage Open days. Their words are “We will only have been open for three weeks by 3rd October and I think we’re going to need longer to get our act together... we’ve been overtaken by a pandemic and we have to plan carefully how we come out of it. For example, we don’t even know how many of our aged (and vulnerable!) volunteers are going to be up for re-opening fully in September, and without them, there’s no show."

Meanwhile, social distancing will result in a large reduction in the number of traders and customers which can be accommodated safely at any given event. This is likely to reduce the variety of products on offer and limit the sales of those which are available to a potentially uneconomical level for those selling them.

Most of the venues we operate in are simply not designed to accommodate even a “mitigated social distance” of one metre plus – the local authority I must comply with for Leeds, for example, has actually stipulated this must remain two metres for market trading events.

We are also mindful that “social gatherings of more than 30 people will continue to be illegal” from 4th July (except in some specific circumstances – it’s unclear whether an event such as LSM comes under that and with whom the responsibility would lie with – ourselves or the building operator in achieving “Covid Safe” status).
From a personal perspective we have no wish to contract nor be responsible for distributing any illnesses (whether directly or indirectly) – think how often an outbreak of “brass lung” happens after a large event - then consider the implications of this being Covid19 rather than the normal colds and bugs.

In summary we feel it would be cavalier and irresponsible to persist with event plans unless there is a significant change in the situation soon. With this in mind, we are provisionally keeping December at Leeds Industrial Museum in place and hoping that things improve enough to be viable to run for everyone involved closer to the time.
Our abnormal operations will of course be back – the sooner the better - but only when we are confident in it being safe for everyone to participate and making it a “splendid” and fully functional event when it can be done properly.

9th July 2020.


We are sorry to announce we have taken the decision to cancel this event this year.
Whilst the Government’s aspiration is for elements of the Leisure and Retail Industries to be able to function from the beginning of July, the simple fact is that we have no idea what restrictions will be enforced, whether or not these will apply to Museums or Markets, or indeed whether the aspiration will actually be realised.

Arranging a market or social event in any enclosed space (not just museums or galleries but larger spaces such as leisure centres) would be logistically impossible. 
We are also very mindful that even were the event to be legally able to proceed while the Covid-19 virus will still be very much “at large”, it would be irresponsible to do so.
Please be assured we have taken this decision in the interests of the wellbeing of all our customers and traders, along with those staffing the museum.
We WILL see you all soon and will continue to make LSM’s plans known as early as possible.

13th May 2020.


Update 28th April 2020.
I have updated the banner of forthcoming events including this weekend's virtual market.

Obviously the other "real" events are all now awaiting confirmation pending updates and developments from the government in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

I now have Leeds Industrial Museum booked in for the winter event on 5th and 6th December. Keeping fingers crossed that we'll all be allowed to start to have some sort of "normal" life by then..

I will keep you informed as and when I have definite information - all we can do for now is abide by the social distancing guidelines and keep ourselves safe.

28th April 2020.

Original announcement 18th March 2020.

You may be aware that Leeds City Council announced yesterday afternoon that all their museum sites are to close from today and remain so until the end of April. I am unable to secure any assurance from the council that these are finite dates and that re-opening will actually happen on the 1st May and so have no alternative other than to cancel the LSM currently scheduled for 2nd and 3rd May at Leeds Industrial Museum.

I cannot relocate as this is a blanket that has impacted nationwide. Nor do I plan to re-schedule or postpone the event as to do so would negatively impact on both the rescheduled event and any others which are planned on an already over crowded calendar.

I will be in direct contact with traders who have already made bookings for the event separately.

Looking further ahead Middleton Railway (July) and Halifax Steampunk Market (October) remain scheduled to take place as advertised.

I have not yet announced the location for the annual December market but expect to be able to update this in the next few weeks.

Apologies to everyone for this but it cannot be avoided. I was really looking forward to being back there again as well!

Jo Burgoyne-Neal
Owner & manager of Leeds Steampunk Market as a self employed sole trader.
Dated 18th March 2020

Welcome to Leeds Steampunk Market!

Also includes Bradford Steampunk Market, Halifax Steampunk Market and LSM on tour.

Est. October 2011

5 weekends of markets a year in West Yorkshire.

Held at places of interest, usually museums as their surroundings complement the steampunk theme and we like to support local community places to help keep them going.

The range of traders at our events is quite varied as there is a crossover between steampunk and several other genres.

If your products are interesting, peculiar or unusual then they’re likely to fit in - they don’t necessarily have to have cogs on them!

 Event attractions usually include a fundraising charity stall, hot food vendors, vintage tea room, interactive demonstrations & working machinery, a small amount of entertainment every day including a bird of prey flying display & exclusive to LSM- prize winning coffee jousting.

Every event is advertised with 5,000 flyers, local press, online & via social media.

Leeds, Halifax & Bradford Steampunk Markets operate only local authority licenced events. 

Full details at including weapons policy.

Enquiries to trade/exhibit or have a charity fundraising stall, please email

Proudly sponsored by Captain Cumberpatch’s Curious Creations



Everyone at all steampunk events gets asked this. If you’re new to the scene, ask six different people and you’ll get six different answers.

This is mine...

Take a generous dose of 19th century Victorian writers, such as Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and H.G. Wells (author of The Time Machine) as to me this is the main ingredient and starting point.
Add plenty of science fiction, a handful of clocks and zeppelins, a sprinkling of cogs and gearwheels, bring to the boil over a steampowered heat and simmer.

Goggles are a trademark/icon/symbol of the Victorian age - it screams industry. Aviators and drivers often did wear goggles as they kept dirt, oil, sparks, wind and steam out of their eyes. As far as steampunks are concerned, they offer protection against laser guns of course but they are NOT a crucial part of your costume, nor is a top hat, nor a corset.
As far as "dressing the part" goes I suggest the following:
Go through your wardrobe (stop before you get to Narnia). Pick out all the bits that never go with anything, pile them all up on the bed then figure out a way to wear as much of them at the same time. Perhaps the bedspread or the curtains could be made into a coat?! Anything you are lacking, rummage through car boot sales and charity shops.
There are no hard and fast rules about what is and isn't considered steampunk and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Steampunk is fictional, it's not historical re-enactment!
It's all about escapism, doing what you want and dressing how you like. We're all different, misfits even, and this is one place where all of those quirks help define you as to who you are but makes you part of one big family.

For any events - gigs or markets - please check our Twitter for any updates as I regret I am not able to edit or add anything to this website from my phone.


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