Hello folks.

This coming Sunday 3 March I've been asked to play unplugged, unpunked and unamplified at Leeds Steampunk Market. This fine event is taking place in the pleasant surroundings of the Abbey House museum and for my sins I'll be playing 2 short 15 minute sets at 1pm and 3pm.​​ Short sets are good as I've spent the last week scraping paint off a railway carriage roof and my wrists are currently a bit knackered. I'm painting the f*cker tomorrow so it better not rain.
If the irony of a diesel punk playing a steampunk event is not lost, I'll be peddling some Eastfield tat. If anyone wants anything specific bringing along please holler as space in my trusty bag may be limited.

Sunday 3rd March 2019 – Leeds Steampunk Market.
Abbey House Museum, Abbey Walk, LS5 3EH. (Opposite Kirkstall Abbey).​​
Event open from 10am-5pm. Entry – usual museum prices.​​



We are a more intimate, personal event and run day time markets only, for both days of the weekend, generally not exceeding fifty traders. We have and intend to stay within the realms of our capabilities as we do not manage by committee nor engage huge teams of volunteers to assist. In spite of being in our 8th year, we receive no funding on running these markets. With this in mind, we have a limited budget when it comes to the entertainment that we hold on each day.

In addition to the market and the venue itself, we do provide entertainment in various shapes and forms during the course of the day. This is enough to keep the customers around and entertained but not too much to take them away from the traders who have, after all, paid for pitches to make money!


We welcome anyone who can entertain that can be done outdoors to come along to any of our events where we have outside space. (We had put this indoors in the past but we do not have the resources or space to accommodate that now.) The two industrial museums are perfect for this and both have a sheltered area in case the weather is too wet.

We have had all sorts but if you have anything that appeals to steampunks, goths, sci-fi buffs, film fans, geeks, nerds - get in touch!

We do not have the facilities to accommodate bands unfortunately.

Take a look at the list of forthcoming events here

Please email leedssteampunkmarket@gmail.com

Please be aware that any outdoor set ups need to be packed up at the end of each day as there is no facility to remain on the grounds overnight - all venues are locked and secured and their insurance will will not allow traders to sleep inside in a campervan nor to take responsibility for anything left out.

We generally do not provide evening entertainment as running the market itself properly takes up so much time. To add our own evening entertainment would simply be a step too far and potentially detract from the performance of the core activity.

We may, on occasion, have entertainment of some sort (such as a ghost hunt) run by friends who have a paranormal company which would be on the same weekend in the same area which we cross-promote.

We have organised other entertainment/social days separate to the markets in the past such as Professor Elemental, Montague Jacques Fromage, a steampunk film event and a day trip to Sunbridge Wells. There just aren’t enough days in a week to fit in everything we’d like to do!

Where their diaries allow, we like to get the odd celebrity in here and there...
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