30th November 2024

WHERE: The Ridings Shopping Centre, Almshouse Lane, Wakefield, WF1 1DS.

WHEN: Saturday 30th November 2024, trading times 9-4.


LSM's first adventure into a modern shopping centre!

This is going to be full of traders of all sorts, just like the ones you find at my events in the museums.

Because this is in a modern shopping centre, there's obviously no admission charge. I won't be running a tearoom of my own, there are plenty of places in there for you to have a great choice of what to eat and drink. I'll get in touch with places to see if they'd be up for doing some sort of offer for the day.

I don't have space to do coffee jousting and also not able to have an owl flight on this occasion.

The centre has a footfall of 21,000 on a normal Saturday. (I'm not bothering with doing the Sunday as the footfall is only 6,000!)

There's lots of shops, plenty of parking - check it all out on their website here


Although the label says "steampunk" I still want the range to cover steampunk, Victorian, military, gothic, dark and spooky, vintage, faery, pagan, LARP, roleplaying, historical, heritage crafts, Sci-Fi, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, geeky, nerdy, comics, gaming, modelling (railway and dolls house), a bit of Boardwalk Empire/Game of Thrones thrown in, alternative (but NOT in a fetish/burlesque way) - this is how different I like the stock to be!

Traders are encouraged to dress up accordingly and do the same with their stall :)

All my usual traders are welcomed, if anyone can sell alcohol it needs to be as an offlicence (take out as sealed bottles etc) and they will need to apply for a TENS licence from the council.

All traders must have their own PLi.

There are 20 pitches laid out near the lifts, these have tables with covers, 2 chairs, all supplied and are £30 each. I'll be doing a floor plan for this area. There's a total of 100 chairs available.

All other traders will be going in a line, back to back, along the main walkway. After every 2nd table, there will be a gap for customers to be able to cross through to access the shops on each side. These pitches need you to supply your own table or rail and chairs and are only £25 each. I can fit 24 more tables along this section.

I won't be doing a floor plan for this part - the way it works is just the order in which traders turn up with their tables. You get fitted in, starting with the end nearest the main area and the mall gradually fills up.

Loading in can be done from 3 different points. There are 2 doors which lead directly onto side streets on opposite sides of the centre. These each have a yellow line so advise having someone with you. 3rd option is from the very top floor of the multi storey carpark and using the 2 lifts (marked as Level 3). With all of these options, you're best using a trolley of some sort which you will need to supply.

Car park maximum height is 1.9 metres. Anything over this height, we'll get you in via the loading bay.

Car parking:

There's over 1,000 spaces, including 43 blue badge holder spaces and 22 family parking bays all with direct access into the centre.

It's is a ticketless car parking system where your number plate is automatically captured & recognised at the entrance barrier.

When you are ready to leave, simply head over to one of the pay machines, enter your registration number, and pay the amount due either with a card or cash.

Trader parking: will be free, I'll find out more details about how we'll get this to work. It might be that the help button at the exit connects to someone with a list of names of traders.

How to apply:

Email me at

You can pm me first to my profile or to the LSM page on here to register your interest.

Payment for pitches must be made in advance to secure your pitch. This will be by bank transfer or PayPal, I'll be making a link on my website for this shortly.

Anyone available to help with getting traders loaded in on the morning of this event?

It'll be from 7am to 9am, I'm not able to get there for that time as not arranged transport yet. If I end up hiring a vehicle, I'll need to pick it up that morning otherwise it would have to be a hire for 3 days which is not cost effective for a 1 day event.

I will be throwing some cash at you for the help, need 2 folks that are not trading themselves. So ideally, traders' spouses, significant other or offspring?!


Sat Nav: WF1 1DS
We are conveniently located in the heart of Wakefield, easily accessible by foot, train, car or bus. The city bus station and both Westgate and Kirkgate train station are within walking distance and the M62/M1 is only minutes away.

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CUSTOMER SERVICES: 01924 787 789
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SHOPMOBILITY: 01924 787 788

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