March 2013

Thanks Geof, ***** and Jo for today's excellent event. Good luck tomorrow everyone


June 2013

it was an amazing venue..


August 2013

Thanks to all the great people who came and said Hi, buy my books and listened to me read dressed as a giant fly. All in all a damn fine day


Fabulous day! Thank you to everyone who made it so special....you are all totally splendid as is the star of the event Leeds' wonderful Central Library


October 2013 

I'm very proud of what Jo has done with the event at the mill, and the last event had so much character.

K D 

Jo - you are amazing and we will support you as best as we can with whatever you decide. (Debating return to Leftbank) We had a fantastic time at the mills, we were on the top floor which isn’t on the walk and has no disabled access yet we were never short of people. :) Had a fantastic time at the Leeds Steampunk Market this weekend - very tired now! Chinese take away and feet up now! Thanks to Jo for organizing a great event!

  C M 

We don't mind where the LSM is as long as we can have a stall and it doesn't clash with any other Steampunk Markets etc. 

We had a great weekend and did really well at the last LSM in Armley Mill, we are looking forward to 1st March when we will be back :-)

D H 


March 2014


We have LSM in the diary for October already


Fabulous time at LMS on both days. Thank you for organising it Jo. As for the drumers they were fantastic.


It was a good event



I had a damn good market, many thanks to Jo for all her hard work!



Another great success



Many thanks for organising such a splendid event. We will also be keen to trade again in October.



well done. thank you so much loved the weekend great job jo, now rest!



We found the crowd receptive to our message, the surroundings appropriate, organisation efficient, and lemon drizzle cake good.



Well done and thank you Jo x



Huge thanks to YOU Jo ! Wouldn't have happened without you xx And we will be back too Jo if you'll have us ! x



Thank you for having us - was a great weekend

 L & S


Enjoyed it a lot as ever...


It was a super event, Jo, I had two really good days' trading, made lots of new friends and was delighted by the diversity of traders you managed to get in. There was a terrific atmosphere, particularly on Sunday, and Dave Patrick and I had a lovely weekend all round. It was Dave's first Steampunk event, so a lovely introduction. xxx


Fantastic day, Drum Machine were amazing!



October 2014


I haven't had chance to thank Jo for the lovely day I had at the Leeds Steampunk market. I met some wonderful people and can’t wait for the next one. xxx


We had a cracking day at LSM. Met lots of lovely people, were amazed by stunning outfits, drank lots of tea. Thanks to Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal and Quentin Cumberpatch. 



December 2014   

dad says brilliant venue, great people, well done jo xx

C H 

What a great location ...very well picked Jo :0) x

N J 

Really good set up :) great to see regulars and new traders. Shame it was only a one dayer though. Would definitely like to trade there again.

L & S


Really good day was had by everyone. Looking forward to the next one in March 2015 @ Armley Mills. Well done Jo & Si for another great event.



Loved it! An absolutely awesome venue, the museum is fantastic, the layout of the stalls was brilliant, everyone was really friendly and happy, I'd definitely like to go there again.......even if just for a ghost hunt ;) ;) ;) ;)



Was good. Will try to be better prepared next time...

D L (he sold all his stock!)


Had a great time - met a lot of interesting people.



We had a great pitch with lovely visitors to our little hat stall, thank you very much to one and all. The stairs were a bit of a test, but all in all simply marvellous, well done Jo & Co

G Y 


March 2015

I had one of the best LSM days ever today! Thank you soooo much to everyone who stopped by my stall. You're all awesome


Another excellent event.


Amazing day


bloody good job done everyone.. was well organised and just fab xx



June 2015


Had another amazing day today, thank you, Jo and Si, it's been great meeting all you lovely people again and a lot of new faces as well. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. x x

B K 


August 2015

I had a great time and as always, it was good to catch up with old friends and thank you to the good folks who listened to my author spot. As ever a big thank you to Jo and Si for inviting me to take part.


I had a fab time see you soon

A N R 

October 2015


A big THANK YOU goes to Lady Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal for inviting me to do the photography for the LSM today...I had a splendid time



Attended the market today as a trader for the first time. Had a good enjoyable day. Thank you to Jo and Si and all the lovely customers who purchased from me. A thank you also to those who took a business card and showed so much interest in my handmade pieces

D H  


December 2015


Brilliant day! Bravo everyone involved.

R B 


March 2016

Just got back and wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you and Si for an amazing weekend.

By far the best organised event we have attended so far. Also a massive thank you for where our stall was placed. We took almost double what we have taken at any other event. And thank you for taking my personal needs into account.

We would love to attend all of your events we can make. So if, when you've managed to sit and have five minutes, you wouldn't mind sending me a list of your future events I can let you know what events we will want to attend. Once again, many thanks;


Great day and lovely venue, thanks as always for all your hard work you're a great team 😊 Good point on the weapons, it may be worth us mentioning having a bit of common sense to people who buy replica pistols from us 😊



 Another rip roaring success on Saturday in Bradford, such a lovely venue and the machinery working is always fab. Big thank you to Jo & Si and their team for all the hard work and to Mikey for the tea and cake. It is always great to catch up with the usual suspects and meet new folks. Big thanks again x



Amazing weekend!!! So well organised by Jo and Si... couldn't have asked for more!!

Will see you all at the next one!!!



We had a great time today even if it was a little cold, great place to launch my new look stall. Met some lovely people and had great feedback. 

Was a great venue, really enjoyed it. Well done to you both and all the staff great job x



Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to LSM on tour at Bradford industrial museum xx



Feet are still sore after an awesome weekend working at LSM on tour at Bradford Industrial Museum, brilliant time with Angie Jayne Coburn-hough as always =) Many thanks for a great time brilliantly organised by Jo Dee and Si

M S (tearoom)


We had a really good time this weekend, and it was nice to be at a different location.

S & J G 

I'd just like to say thanks to Si and Jo for having us supply pizzas at Bradford at the weekend, Sarah and I had a great time and it was great to meet and speak to a lot of you. The positive feedback means a great deal to us and we will hopefully see you again in the near future. Thanks again!


We had a good day. Looking forward to the next LSM.

 A C

Apr/May 2016

Well, we had a fantastic day πŸ™‚ A huge thank you to Jo and Si for organising and also many thanks to all of our customers, we hope to see you all again very soon πŸ™‚


December 2016


I was there on the Saturday and it was a great event

R B 

Miss Zen πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’«βœŒπŸ»οΈ meets Steampunk today at the Market. Great vibes guys thanks x


Finally home from a good social weekend (with a bit of trading). My thanks to Jo and Si for a very social event, and to Charley, Briccy and Stefanie for letting me get in the way.... πŸ˜‰



March 2017 

 Thanks for having me, Leeds Steampunk Market! I hope to trade with you again soon! 

C A 

Had an awesome event. Huge thank you to everyone who came and especially to those who bought something. Looking forward to the next one.


Another rip roaring success on Saturday in Bradford, such a lovely venue and the machinery working is always fab. Big thank you to Jo & Si and thier team for all the hard work and to Mikey for the tea and cake. It is always great to catch up with the usual suspects and meet new folks. Big thanks again x


Another fabulous weekend, thank you πŸ’œ


Fab weekend. Thank you for letting us trade πŸ˜€




May 2017 

The 'penny' exhibits were fab.



Had a fantastic day today! We've met so many lovely people and are looking forwards to tomorrow :)

S J 


October 2017


 We had a great weekend taking portraits of some of the people at the event this weekend and met some really lovely people.



March 2018


I enjoy LSM as well as trade with them so I would always go there



May 2018 

The event was great for me hun, loved the location. Xx


 Oct 2018 

Had a good day on Sunday with Leeds Steampunk Events at Halifax Industrial Museum many thanks to Jo Dee Burgoyne-Neal for organising the event


Dec 2018

Always good fun and lovely to see you both! hopefully we can make an event or two next year but if I remember right we have something booked on the abbey house weekend already


Mar 2019

Awesome post. Can’t wait to have a stall at the Bradford Steampunk Market! πŸ˜ƒ



Oct 2019


Attended my first venue with LSM over the weekend at Halifax Industrial Museum. Organisers are very friendly and helpful. Many thanks and am looking forward to trading at Castleford in December. 



Enjoyed myself at Calderdale - they have done a lot of work there since we last visited

K H 

December 2019 

Pleased to say that my last event of the year was a pleasant one at Queens Mill LSM. Was good to catch up with fellow traders and see some regular customers again.Hope to see you all again next year.


Enjoyed it. Will have to go and look round 1 day soon


I've had a lovely weekend with some lovely friends. I love my steampunk family!


March 2020 

Thanks for a great weekend Jo and the team. I couldn't have done it without the lovely lady on the meet and greet who helped me in at the beginning and was there to help me out again with all my boxes to my car. Thank you. Also for all the staff at the museum who were lovely. xx



Thanks again for today, I really enjoyed it. Checked dates when I got home and I'm gutted but it looks like I'm already booked for all the dates on the leaflets. It does say 5 weekends a year and I can only see 3 plus today's so if you have any other dates please do let me know. Also if you could let me know dates for next year and I'll get booked in with you before other stuff sneaks in.



Thanks again for yet another fabulous event this weekend. 

I'm definitely up for booking the next one at Armley Mills so please reserve me a pitch! Thanks again for all your hard work πŸ˜ƒ



Had a fab time at Abbey House Museum at my first event. Lots of lovely people, fabulous costumes and awesome products. Definitely need to rearrange my diary so I can come back again.

H S 

A fabulous day we went on the Saturday only and wished we had booked both days thank you. Hope to book for next year.

J N 

Sadly I didn't make any sales on the Saturday BUT I did enjoy myself and will be back when I can :)



Unknown dates

Thanks for letting me trade today!!!! I'd love to do the next one, had a really good day x


I would like to say how much I appreciate your organising. The info is always helpful and detailed, and I like the fact that you insist on PLI (not everywhere checks) and that you try not to have too many people selling the same stuff!


Was a great market, really enjoyed seeing people, great venue, bought some fab things! Well done, you deserve your pizza xxx

T S 

We had a great time with lovely helpful people like yourselves and we very much appreciated it! Thank You for all your hard work xxxx

N F 

Thanks for last weekend I really enjoyed my first experience of Steampunk, the costumes were amazing!



Many thanks for the organising the LSM weekend at Halifax, and a big thank you to all the staff that helped everyone too.

N F 

It was lovely to meet all you amazing steampunks today. So many wonderful costumes and creations, so much talent! Thanks Jo and the museum too.

D E 

We had a fab time... brought myself some lovely new clothing for my new wardrobe cannot wait to wear them!

D H 

Thanks for a great weekend Jo. X x


Loved it and did really well thanks so much xx

D B 

We loved this one! We had our best weekend and woke up to new customer orders that will keep me busy for sometime to come. The museum and it's volunteers were great and the atmosphere was rather good too. It's my favourite venue so far.


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