INVITATION TO TRADE: LSM are not curated events although we do invite traders, artists and authors that are the best in their respective fields and try to avoid duplication where possible. We do encourage new people that wish to trade to get in touch.

We invite traders we believe have a unique offer for our customers and would like to keep it that way – we don’t want everyone selling the same thing.

We are always very excited to find new people doing something that we haven't had before. Although the label says "steampunk" we like the range to cover steampunk, Victorian, military, gothic, dark and spooky, faery, pagan, LARP, roleplaying, historical, heritage crafts, Sci-Fi, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, geeky, nerdy, comics, gaming, modelling (railway and dollshouse), a bit of Boardwalk Empire/Game of Thrones thrown in, alternative (but NOT in a fetish/burlesque way) - we think you can see how different we like the stock to be.

So if your stuff is different enough to be considered for a stall, then please email us with more details. We can't guarantee you being placed immediately as the events are nearly always oversubscribed. If you don't receive a reply then we may not have received your email. Do please wait a few days before writing again as sometimes emails are not always answered the same day. Emails may not get answered immediately as I also help my husband with his brand as he also trades at events and I look after his website and eBay listings. So do please bear with me!

Please ensure you have our email address saved to your contacts in your email as a safe email so it doesn't end up in your spam folder or trash.

If you are invited to trade, then your stall must have only your own goods for sale. You are not allowed to sell someone else's goods on your pitch without prior agreement from us (and also them for that matter).

Do please add me and my husband as friends on Facebook ( and join the Leeds Steampunk market group ( and like the official page (

(If you stumble across another page, ignore it as this is one set up by Facebook which I have no control over and they won't let me claim it!)

Initial interest can be made through Facebook by message but apart from that ALL communication must be made by email as Facebook messages, posts and comments can slip under the radar and not be picked up on.

If you receive an invitation to trade and you are unable to make it, please reply to it to let me know.

There is only a limited amount of double pitches available on each day. We would prefer to have half the traders doing both days to give the customers plenty of reason to attend on both days. Specify on your response if you can do either day but have a preference or if you can only do both days.

Do be aware that the availability of single and double pitches on a Saturday often are filled first although footfall is often higher on the Sunday. Please ensure all communication is addressed to and reply to emails as soon as possible; you will then be sent payment details to secure your booking.

There is an application form further down - if you cannot get this to open, use the checklist at the end of this information (you will need to copy and paste in your reply filling in the details required).

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions, as shown on the here through the link:

Once you have your attendance confirmed by email, please make your payment immediately using either the Paypal tab or by bank transfer to the account given in your invoice sent by email.

PITCHES: At most of our locations the traders are mixed in with the exhibitions throughout the building.

Owing to the varied nature and layout of the event venues (owing to their listed status), you must advise of any mobility or health issues (well in advance) which may impact upon where your pitch is located.

If you have any special requirements, this information should be detailed on your booking form / email so that we can try to accommodate them. Requests for specific positions within the venue will be taken into consideration and every effort will be made to honour requests. However, these requests will be balanced with the need for supply of power and to minimise the proximity of similar stalls to each other. 

We reserve the right to move stands and relocate space previously allocated to traders.

A single pitch will hold ONE 6ft table (size of table is usually 2 foot deep) with space behind for a chair or two. You can have either a 6ft rail in the space or a 4ft rail with a mannequin or just stick to having one 6ft trestle table – this is all it will hold and no more! Dependent on the location, the table/rail might be flush to the wall so the trader's chair might not be behind the table but to the side of it. We will try our best to meet specific requirements but this may not always be possible. 

Please do not assume you can bring and fit in more rails or tables than your allocated space allows as this will impact on the space next to you used by the next trader.

If you want to fit in 2 x 6ft rails/tables, either in an L shape or side by side, this will need a double pitch. 

If you trade with three 6ft items, this would effectively be a triple, done with either an L shape followed by a single or three singles in one line.

Anything any larger, please get in touch to explain your set up more fully. 

Most venues allow us the use of the outdoor areas as well so if you want to trade from your own gazebo we can come to a special arrangement with pricing. Can't guarantee the weather nor where you will be located so bring along a A-board to put near the doors to send people your way.

Please be aware that any outdoor set ups need to be packed up at the end of each day as there is no facility to remain on the grounds overnight - all venues are locked and secured and their insurance will will not allow traders to sleep inside in a campervan nor to take responsibility for anything left out.


Standard pitch prices for all of 2018's events are:

£35 for a single pitch for one day.

£70 for a double pitch for one day.

£70 for a single pitch for both days.

£140 for a double pitch for both days.

You can secure for now with a deposit of £20 and pay in instalments if it helps.

There is no discount for doubles or trading both days.

Please be aware that due to Paypal’s processing fees the Paypal figures are:

Single for one day £36.60, £72.80 for both, double for one day £72.80, £145.20 for both, £21 for the instalment option.

See the Thankyou for trading tab for the discount price set up to encourage prompt payment and also a loyalty scheme to reward returning traders.

PAYMENT: When you are sent an invoice with the details to pay, this is our confirmation of your provisional pitch booking. Your response is needed urgently and payment immediately to confirm it is secured.


Please wait to be sent bank details before paying and double check you have the details correct.

Invoice details are always emailed so please ensure you have the email address of saved in your contacts so that emails do not get sent to your spam folder. 

There is a PayPal link (as requested by you the traders as bank transfers seemed to cause too many problems for some people) for everyone to be able to pay promptly for their pitch in full.

We cannot emphasise enough that your pitch is not fully confirmed until payment is received. If you delay in paying or don’t respond for any reason there is a risk it may be filled by someone being quicker. These events always look to run the risk of being oversubscribed with the amount of people who have already asked to trade based on past events.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE (PLI): It is a condition of our events that all Traders/Caterers must carry a minimum level of at least £2 million Public Liability Insurance. All traders must bring their PLI certificate with them on the day as well as supplying proof of it in advance by email. Any traders selling anything edible must also supply proof in advance of Hygiene certification. Likewise, anyone selling anything else that needs extra paperwork such as soap making.

If you have anything alcoholic in bottles you must hold a Personal Licence. Most venues do not sell alcohol so you will need to contact the relevant council to apply for a Temporary Event licence (TENS) to sell on that premises. This not usually very expensive so recommend you check it out first before contacting us to trade. We welcome all varieties of products such as steampunk gin, interesting variations of other spirits and mead etc.

Basically, no PLI = no pitch. This isn’t just us – all events ask for it nowadays and is essential. There is a separate tab on here giving suggested and recommended places to get it from. For as little as £36 you get peace of mind with compensation cover of £1-£5 million. Again, advice can be found here.

Please ensure that you carry adequate insurance cover, as no exhibitor will be admitted without supplying prior proof of insurance cover and we recommend that you have extreme weather covered by your insurance.

ELECTRICITY: If you need access to power please let us know. All equipment more than one year old (such as lights) must be PAT tested and have the full certification with them on the day. You need to bring your own plug adaptor and extension leads (as power sockets are in very random places) and rubber mats to cover them up (not masking tape as we use listed buildings) as shown in the photos below. Some venues have a very limited amount of plug sockets so access may not always be possible so please have a back up plan where you can ie battery operated lights. 

PRODUCT LINES: Once you have advised of your stock-line, you cannot assume to deviate and bring completely different products either as an alternative or in addition. We go to great lengths to ensure that we do not put two traders selling similar lines near each other (hats, fascinators, jewellery, goggles, leather etc.) It can be awkward to be confronted by two traders selling very similar items which we weren't aware of before the day. We also monitor how many people we have each doing similar product styles - so that the market has a balanced and diverse product offer. Please just keep us advised and make sure we have up to date knowledge of what you intend to sell. If you bring anything you have not advised us of, you may be asked to remove them as they could clash with the person next to you.

All items offered for sale must conform to any and all relevant UK regulations and legislation.

LOADING IN/OUT: We have a few hours of access to get people and stuff in and out at the venues dependent on the hours we are open.

11am start both days will be from 9am on the Saturday, 10am on the Sunday. 10am start will be 8am Saturday, 9am Sunday.  Do allow for the fact that Armley opens at 10 on the Saturday so that would be 8am start. If you arrive before us, you may have to wait for us to arrive in order to ensure you get loaded in from the closest door to your pitch as some venues have more than one door we can use.

It takes about an hour to get everyone out at the end of each day. You do NOT need to start packing down your pitch earlier than the closing time. Even if the building looks to be getting quieter, this is the time when the other traders will have a wander and do some shopping of their own. (I and Si like to have a last wander and spend money - I spent £50 at one event in this way!!)

There will be my husband Si and also two or three team members co-ordinating traffic in to the spots where you need to pull in and help you to unload. They can be identified by high-visibility jackets with the LSM logo on the back.

There are plenty of staff also available to help you unload and get to your pitch. There aren't always any trolley wheels on site – if you have a set of your own they may prove very useful. The road outside some of the mills for example are cobbled so recommend flat trolley with four wheels as opposed to the two wheeled porter’s version. There are a couple of wheelchairs at Middleton and two large plastic tubs on wheels (the size of a bath tub) at Bradford Industrial.

Full set up details for the loading in will be emailed the week before the event itself along with our contact phone numbers.

There is also an option with some venues to drop off your stock late Friday afternoon for people with larger set ups travelling longer distances. You need to book this in with us in advance and not just turn up.

TRADER PASS: You will be supplied with a laminated trader pass which must be worn at all times to receive discounted prices for food/drinks and also to access the building. In the past we have become aware that many visitors did not pay admission to the museum as they were mistaken for traders. This will not be tolerated again and one Armley event which appeared quieter (by footfall) actually had the same recorded attendance (till admissions) as before. Keep it safe - it doesn't need to be handed in as we use the same ones for all events.

WEAPONS POLICY: LSM now has a strict no weapons policy for all visitors and customers. We do, however, allow traders to sell them.

Please see the weapons policy which can be found here.

THE VENUE: Please have respect for the staff, other visitors, the building and its grounds at all times. If you smoke, please do so well away from the entrance in the designated spots. Dispose of your cigarette butt thoughtfully (i.e. not thrown carelessly to the ground, in the bushes or over a wall into the canal!) by ensuring it is fully extinguished before throwing it away in an appropriate bin.

Please do not eat or drink as you walk through the areas with exhibitions - use the outside areas (this applies to traders and visitors). Do not leave empty food wrappers, drinks cans or paper cups in random places, empty them of excess fluid and use a waste bin to dispose of them, making use of recycling bins where possible.

When getting yourself a cuppa from the tearoom or outdoor hot trader, please ask to have it in a disposable cup with a lid. If you are using your own mug, please do not fill it too high as you are likely to risk it spilling as you go back to your pitch. Spillages (even small ones) must be wiped up by yourself immediately as the venues we use are nearly always listed buildings and also because they pose a safety risk. The staff have enough to do on the weekend without running around cleaning up spills!

Traders must not attach anything to walls or ceilings in a way that will leave marks and they must leave their stall area clean and tidy at the end of the day. You are responsible for clearing away rubbish from your own stall - do not leave it strewn all over where your pitch was for the staff to clean up.

Not the way we want to see the areas left!
Please avoid spillages as it is usually in a listed building, collect up all rubbish, bag it, tie it up and ask a member of staff where their main bins are to dispose of it.
We'd like them to be happy to have us back!

CAR PARKING: Please ensure you park in the designated parking spots and observe the venue's signage in respect of access routes in and out - it's not always immediately obvious!

If the car park you use is not run by the venue, it may be a Pay & Display one. Do make sure you have sufficient change to pay for your whole day of parking (allow for the time to load in and out) and display your ticket in a visible place.

If the parking is full, you will need to look for alternative places to park such as public roads, side streets etc. Please be considerate and courteous if parking in residential areas (not blocking driveways etc) and be aware of any parking restrictions in place. Use common sense and not park on corners where you could lose a wing mirror to a passing bus; likewise remove any items of value or put them out of sight.

In all instances, you take responsibility for your own vehicle's safety and for any fines incurred by parking somewhere you shouldn't.

1ST AID: In the event of anyone needing 1st aid (for themselves or for a visitor) please contact the reception desk and ask for the Venue / Shift Manager. All venues have staff that are 1st aid trained and will take the necessary action.

SECURITY: Whilst we and the venue staff will make every reasonable endeavour to keep the event site secure, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for total security. The ultimate responsibility for the security and insurance of exhibits, items offered for sale, stands, vehicles, equipment, personal property and staff lies with the individual stand holder. We strongly advise that you take out adequate insurance and that leaving valuable display items unsecured on your pitch overnight is at your own risk.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION: For any enquiries, please contact the reception desk and ask the staff. All traders will be briefed on the emergency procedures at the venue 15 minutes prior to opening.

We will be uploading PDFs relating to the venues in due course.

FUND RAISING: Every LSM we used to have a raffle as a fundraising event for a nominated charity. This has now had to be changed to a tombola due to Data Protection not allowing the charity in question to take people's phone numbers if they win a prize and are not there for the draw.

These have in the past raised between £100 and £300. Each trader donates a little something from their range for this (if your items are higher value, perhaps make a gift voucher to be redeemed on your brand). Please refer to the Fundraising tab on here to see who the nominated charity is.

Please hand in your donation to either myself or Si or the appointed member of the charity on the day once you are set up, you don't need to wait for them to come round to your pitch.

ADVERTISING/NETWORKING: There will be a quarter page colour advert in the local press in order to guarantee a much higher attendance of customers; this can only mean good news for you as you will (hopefully) sell more. 2,500 glossy A5 flyers are printed for every event and the reverse shows the one to follow after that so this means 5,000 in total. These go out at other steampunk events on the run up over the previous months (please let us know if you are able to take some with you if you are trading at any other events, we are happy to post them out), to the other Leeds Council run museums, the relevant Tourist Information and also get added in with all eBay purchases through Captain Cumberpatch sales (which accounts for 300+ per month worldwide).

We also create specific events made for all forthcoming LSMs on Facebook. ALL traders (with NO exceptions) are expected to promote these events and themselves through their own Facebook pages and websites in order to maximise the attendance of their own customers and potential sales.

As you are probably aware, LSM events at the Armley location each attracted a footfall of 1,200 – 1,500 visitors over the two days which isn’t just steampunks but also general public who love to spend money with us. Bradford Industrial Museum with its free entry meant a record attendance of 2,290 over the weekend of 5/6th March 2016 and around 2,500 in March 2017.

As with any event, we cannot guarantee visitor numbers but we will do our utmost to ensure that Traders have a successful event, but bad weather or interruption of power or services is out of our control.

With continued web presence, flyer distribution and constant advertising, we hope for a successful event for all involved.

 We reserve the right to amend, transfer or cancel any trade booking at any time for any reason.


We now have an application form which you can download and fill in online here

It is a Word Document and you need to click "enable editing" at the top of it to fill it in. When done, please save it as a new name so it can be identified and email it back along with all required certification.

If that doesn't work for you, please copy the section below and paste into your email filling in the replies needed. If you choose to fill this in and attach it to your email as a document, please save it as a Word document not a pdf so that it is easier for me to add the information to my spreadsheet. There are two different forms - one for new traders, one for traders who have been with us before. See the notes further down relating to any marked with *.

Food traders (both indoor and outdoor caterers as well as anything edible that regular stall holders sell) please go to this tab for all information.


NEW TRADERS FORM (copy and paste into the body of your email and overwrite the information in black)  or download it as a word document here            

Category What your stuff comes under  - for example jewellery, leather, clothing, artwork, hats, fascinators, author, and whether steampunk, goth, faerie, geeky etc

Title Your company name

Description What you make/do

Person  Your real name

Emails write in here the main email address you use and must have a 2nd email address as a backup

FB profile Supply the url from the address bar of your Facebook profile       

facebook page  Supply the url from the address bar of your Facebook page

Website Supply the url from the address bar of your Website     

Telephone Mobile number (for my use only not public):

Landline Landline number if you have one:          

town Just useful to know!    

etsy Etsy page url: (Go to your own business page and enter what is in the address bar, it will start with  

twitter  Go to your own profile and enter what is in the address bar

eBay      Go to your own business page and enter what is in the address bar

folksy    Go to your own business page and enter what is in the address bar

Instagram Go to your own profile and enter what is in the address bar

Size Pitch size needed: single or double*****

Day Which day/s are you trading? If only one day specify preference

Notes Anything not covered by everything else!

power   Do you need access to power? If yes, what electrical items are you planning to use?

table Can you supply your own table? * (Don't forget to bring a nice cloth to cover your table with). Are you bringing anything else such as a rail (size needed)?           

Health Do you or any of your team have mobility or health problems we need to be aware of (when laying out the floor plan)? **  

PLI Expiry date of your pli – make sure you attach your proof of PLI, (and any other certificates required) onto this email even if you’ve sent it before***




Your real name:

Your company name:

Pitch size needed: single/double (or deep - applicable at some events)

Which day/s are you trading?

Have you attached your proof of PLI onto this email?

Any changes I need to know about? Additional stock lines/change of phone number /email /website / email/ tables*



(Not something I should need to be chasing up at the last minute!)

*Really helpful if you do have your own table as venues may not supply enough for all traders. Only exception to this is at Bradford Industrial - they have none whatsoever so we have to pay to hire them all in. It makes it far easier for us that way so you may not need to bring yours. Please advise if you need to bring your own if it is set up to hold a framework or whatever. On other events do advise if yours is not a standard 2' x 6'. 

*****Please check pitch details further down on the relevant event in regards to how pitches are laid out to see what size pitch you need. Some venues supply metric sized tables which give the same footprint as a 6 x 2.

**In regards to health, we don't just mean mobility problems - some of our venues have working machinery where it may affect things like asthma.

***The only reason for replying "no" to previous question is because you've not got it yet and getting it started closer to the date of the event as new trader.

****Send either the original downloaded document the insurers sent you. It will be called Statement Of Insurance or Certificate Of Insurance. If not scan it in and send as an attachment. If you are taking a photo please ensure you have a large size/resolution so that I can zoom in on it and read it! Then attach it to the email. Most insurance companies will allow you to take out PLI (or renew it) and for it to be dated in advance commencing from the actual trading date to save you paying for dead time. If you are with A&N I know their PLI runs for a year so just send me proof of your membership.

Chairs are supplied (unless stated otherwise). Tables vary in quantity at different venues so if you have your own you will need to bring it. 

We do not supply rails.

PLEASE NOTE: All traders must be still trading right up to the end (4pm or 5pm) to allow for customers coming in the last hour of the day. It is also an opportune time for the traders themselves to have a wander and spend their own money. There is to be no starting to pack up early unless either Si or I come round to say so. I have even been known to be racing around with my camera half an hour before closing catching pics of traders!


Pitch prices for all events can be found here


JULY 2018

WHERE: Middleton Railway, Moor Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS10 2JQ

WHEN: 30th June and 1st July 2018, trading times 10-5 on both days.


The Middleton Railway is the world’s oldest working railway running steam and diesel trains from Moor Road to Middleton Park. This will most likely be running a steam train all weekend - timetable shows first departure from Moor Road at 11am and last one at 4pm.

An extensive museum collection is usually on display in the Engine House - most of these are moved out onto the tracks for this event allowing us space for the traders.

It is run entirely by volunteers and entry to the market will be £2 per adult - all proceeds go to the Railway. 

Full details are yet to be confirmed but we are hoping that there will be cab rides in the locomotives for a small extra charge and workshop tours. 

You can combine unlimited rides on the train with a visit to the park, and this makes a fun day out for all the family.

Admission is currently £8 adult, £2.50 child, £15 family (2 adults + up to 3 children).

There is a shop that sells souvenirs, sweets and hot and cold drinks. This is going to be expanded into the seating area having a lot more cakes thus becoming a tearoom. There will also be some hot food traders outside.

Hoping we will have a steampunk pub set up again as well as that proved very popular with how hot it was in July 2017's event here...

This will be an interactive event, with traders in the Engine House only on the ground floor and having gaming of some sort in the 1st floor conference room.

There will be coffee jousting on the Saturday only with gold, silver and bronze medals to be won  and the Coffee Bean (host) made by Captain Cumberpatch's Curious Creations. Free to take part!

There will also be a fund raising tombola run on both days as well which all the traders will have donated items to.

We hope to have The Flying Squadron with one of their the owls demonstrating their charm and style in attendance there again (to be confirmed)

Please note that there is easy disabled access to all of the building including the upstairs conference room and public areas of the railway. 

A cafe selling vintage style afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches.

We will have a hot food vendor outside close to the main doors.

EVENT LAYOUT: Traders will be on the ground floor only in the exhibition hall.

PITCH SIZES: All pitches are based on just a 6ft table or rail. 

Due to the layout of the building, there are exposed train tracks where the locos will have been moved out. There are only enough slats to cover half of these gaps to make the deep (double) pitches - this safely allows public access onto them. With the single pitches, the table covers the front gap and your stock goes over the gap closer to the back wall.

6ft single comes with space to fit one 6ft trestle table or a single 6ft rail of your own if you prefer. There is room for a seat and plenty of room to stash your boxes of overstock behind you. The gap behind your table actually measures 7 feet but cannot be used as extra trading space as there is no slatting to cover them and you have after all only paid for a single. 

If you need to have space for two 6ft rails or a rail and a table, you will need a deep pitch to accommodate this. If you usually work from a straight, we will do our best to accommodate you but this cannot be guaranteed.

If you have your own tables, you do need to bring them as there are only a small amount supplied at the venue. 

The deep pitches measure 6' wide x 11' deep and your two tables/rails must be placed in an L shape towards the back of your area allowing for a 3' gap between the rear table and the wall so you can stand behind it. 

Do not assume you can bring and fit in more than the stated amount of rail or tables that your paid for space allows. This will impact on the space next to you either needed for public access or used by another trader or could be in breach of H&S.


£35 = single x 1 day 

£70 = single x 2 days or deep x 1 day 

£140 = deep x 2 days

£105 = triple x 1 day

£210 = triple x 2 days and so on…


Previous events at this location have had a lower attendance over the weekend compared to the bigger markets. However trader spots fill up quickly for both days because this place attracts a different audience with the trains. You also have a smaller amount of competition with there being less traders so are more likely to take relatively good sales.

SEPTEMBER 2018 (Halifax Steamunk Market, Calderdale Industrial Museum)

WHERE: Calderdale Industrial Museum, Square Rd, Halifax HX1 1QG.

WHEN: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018.

Our hours of trading are 11-5 each day but the museum’s opening hours are usually 10 – 4. They are aware that first hour is usually very quiet but if any customers do arrive at this time then we must be set up and ready for them. (So in other words, you could gain an extra hour of trading and sales).


If we have space there may be photo booth in one of the rooms.

The water wheel powered engine will be running on either one or both of the days.

Coffee jousting with prize winning medals for gold, silver and two for bronze on the Saturday.

Entertainment is laid on for the outside areas (this will be in the grounds of the Piece Hall which is just behind the museum). This is to be confirmed - hopefully a flying display from one of the owls from The Flying Squadron plus something else.

The Piece Hall may also have evening entertainment on.

A cafe selling vintage style afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches.

We will now have at least two hot food vendors in the outdoor picnic area - hopefully one selling vegan/vegetarian, another providing hot meat in some form (tbc). We may add to this dependent on availability.

EVENT LAYOUT: Traders will be spread out over all of the four floors of the museum, mixed with its existing exhibits.

PITCH SIZES: All pitches are based on just a 6ft table or rail. There is no standard or a deep pitch option at this venue at present. 6ft comes with space to fit one 6ft trestle table with room for a seat and stock behind (or a 6ft rail of your own if you prefer.) If you need to have space for two 6ft rails or a rail and a table, there are a limited amount of double spaces to accommodate this. If you have your own tables, you don't need to bring them on this occasion as this venue has no tables of their own so we will be hiring them in. You might be in a corner or you might be two side by side, not able to say until all pitches are filled and we start working on the floor plan, if you have a clear preference then we will accommodate where we can and availability permits.

Do not assume you can bring and fit in more than the stated amount of rail or tables that your paid for space allows. This will impact on the space next to you either needed for public access or used by another trader.


Situated near to Halifax railway station and the famous Eureka children’s museum, and next door to the newly renovated Piece Hall, the new central Library and Archive, and Square Chapel, Calderdale Industrial Museum is well placed in the heart of Halifax’s growing ‘cultural quarter’.

RAIL – Halifax station is 200 yards walk. BUS – Halifax bus station has links to all nearby towns and cities. A short walk through the shopping centre and the Piece Hall will take you to Calderdale Industrial Museum, just outside the new East Gate of the Piece Hall.

CAR – The museum address is Square Road, Halifax, HX1 1QG. There is no dedicated parking for the museum but on-street, pay-and-display parking is available close by and there are several pay-and-display carparks near the Minster to the north east.

DECEMBER 2018 (Bradford Steampunk Market Christmas Special)

WHERE: Bradford Industrial Museum, Moorside Mills, Moorside Road, Bradford BD2 3HP.

WHEN: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December. Our hours of trading are 10-4 each day.


The engines and machinery will be running again on both of the days.

Coffee jousting with prize winning medals for 1st and 2nd place each day.

Entertainment is laid on for the outside areas and a flying display from Frankie the owl.

A cafe selling vintage style afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches.

We will now have at least two hot food vendors in the outdoor picnic area - one selling vegan/vegetarian, another providing hot meat in some form (tbc).

EVENT LAYOUT: Traders will be spread out over two of the floors of the museum, mixed with its existing exhibits as always.

PITCH SIZES: All pitches are based on just a 6ft table or rail. There is no standard or a deep pitch option at Bradford.

6ft comes with space to fit one 6ft trestle table with room for stock behind/under and a seat either behind or to the side of the table (or a 6ft rail of your own if you prefer.) If you need to have space for two 6ft rails or a rail and a table, there are a limited amount of double spaces to accommodate this. If you have your own tables, you do need to bring them as there are none supplied at this venue. (We will be needing to hire additional ones in). You might be in a corner or you might be two side by side, not able to say until all pitches are filled and we start working on the floor plan, if you have a clear preference then we will accommodate where we can and availability permits.

They have no trestle tables of their own so we are paying to hire them in. These will be wooden ones measuring 6' x 2' but if you still want to bring your own you are welcome to do so as we may be slightly short on the full amount needed especially if your own measures 2'6" deep! There are also a very limited amount of chairs so advise bringing your own folding chair. They also have no trolley wheels so bring your own to make it easier to get your stuff to your pitch.

Do not assume you can bring and fit in more than the stated amount of rail or tables that your paid for space allows. This will impact on the space next to you either needed for public access or used by another trader.


Previous events at this location have had an attendance of 2,300 - 2,500 over the weekend. Free admission to the museum and car park is close to the main building with free parking. Trader spots fill up quickly for both days because of the high footfall.


MARCH 2019 (Location to be confirmed)


WHEN: Hopefully still Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 2019.




Do not assume you can bring and fit in more than the stated amount of rail or tables that your paid for space allows. This will impact on the space next to you either needed for public access or used by another trader.


Other 2019 dates and locations to be confirmed

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