We welcome applications from new traders doing food and drinks but please be aware, this is not a food and drink festival!

The reason we like to keep these to a minimum is to ensure each one has the opportunity to make some decent money. We appreciate the overheads and costs involved in running a hot food stall (not just the power to cook but also the fuel to get there) needs to work out as a viable option for their business.

We already have an established set up for the person who runs our tea room for us and she and her team spend many, many hours baking everything fresh - nothing is frozen in advance. So to have someone outdoor doing other sweet things at most of our markets (pancakes, crepes, doughnuts etc) would not be fair on either party.

There is usually one other trader doing vegan and gluten free food indoors and also another that does other themed cupcakes and larger special occasion cakes to order.

We like to have generally no more than three outdoor hot food traders that offer something a little more exciting and unique - one doing different types of meats, spicy sausages, hog roasts, smoked meats, one doing amazing pizzas and one vendor that specialises in jacket potatoes to be able to offer vegan and vegetarian options in addition to chilli, beans, cheese filings etc. 

Each trader will be supplied with a laminated trader pass which must be worn at all times to receive discounted prices for food/drinks and also to access the building. There are also photographers that regularly attend our events that take wonderful photos which are shared extensively so these also carry a special LSM Photographer pass to also receive discount. Food and drink traders are advised to work out in advance what sort of discount they are happy to give.

Please go to this link here to see all the basic trading information and a checklist of what we need for you to apply is here.

Food traders (both indoor and outdoor) MUST supply us in addition to this checklist their contact address, trading address, food hygiene rating and local authority with whom they are registered. Proof of relevant documents/certificates must be supplied.

At Bradford Industrial Museum paperwork has to be submitted in addition to the PSLG (Public Safety Liaison Group) by emailing and cc'ing me in on the email.

We can (and do) periodically check online that FSA certification is still current with all food vendors/traders through the Food Standards Agency website here

All food stalls should be registered with their local authority and have a food hygiene rating of 3 or above. They also need to comply with the national outdoor catering guide. This link here takes you to the outdoor catering checklist based on this national guidance and must be filled in by every food trader and indoor traders doing anything edible. The completed documentation needs to be sent to the council's environmental health department and cc in our email so we can see it. Carry a printed out copy with you on the day as this form will be used when inspecting the stalls, should Environmental Health Officers decide to attend the event. 

More helpful information for food traders can be found here

Alcohol sellers must hold their own personal licence and in addition will need to apply to the relevant council for a Temporary Event Notice. Please wait for me to confirm if there is a second seller also doing drinks so that you can communicate to each other and sort the licence out between you and send me a copy when you have it in place.

Outdoor food traders need to have their own full set up as there may not be access to power nor shelter. Hot food cannot be done indoors due to H&S.

Proof of relevant documents/certificates must be supplied in advance.

Pitch fee for drinks and hot food traders is just 10% of your takings payable at the close of business. (Food traders: in addition I and my husband get to sample something from your menu for lunch! Great recommendation when customers see and smell what I have brought to our stall :) )

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