Loved the Market. We went on Saturday. Very friendly people. Would have loved to come back on the Sunday but there is no buses that run to the museum on a Sunday. Which is a shame as it seems that was the most busiest day looking at the photos. We'll be around for the next one. 

Rhi Bromley

What a pleasantly splendid surprise it was for my first visit to a Steampunk event. The stories that I had heard of burning at the stake, gauging of the eyes and hangings by your entrails for outsiders were totally untrue and a damn lie. Although I did come close to being splashed by a smoothie maker powered by a penny farthing.
Instead I found the people to be more than welcoming with some wonderful wares to be sold, including jams & jewellery, skulls & scripts, hats & coats, books & buns.
It was great to see so many people, both young and old coming together with a shared interest. It was like stepping back in time, taking a different path and then coming back to the future. It reminded me of my old punk days without the anger or the Goth days with bright outlook for the future.
I find the whole style of Victorian old and new so photogenic and I managed to get some great photos and some better friends.
I'm hooked now and I look forward to visiting many more Steampunk events in the near future, or should that be the past. 
Mark Douglas.

Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Sunday. Bradford was our third LSM and by far the best... Great location and a good mix of traders, tho it would be nice to see the mix change a little - loved Albion Artefacts for example! And the time travelling tea tent too! Well done to you both! Good luck and hopefully see you at the next one?

 Rob Rowell

Excellent event and our first market. Nice change of pace from the Railway Museum. Both Wonderful. Thanks from Jacqui and Jim Plimmer.

Well done Jo and Si, great day at Bradford industrial museum. 

Steven Wright.

Loved the accidental change of venue guys good choice. Had a fantastic day at Bradford Mill - well worth a visit! 

Rose Roberts. 


Just got back and wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you and Si for an amazing weekend.
By far the best organised event we have attended so far. Also a massive thank you for where our stall was placed. We took almost double what we have taken at any other event. And thank you for taking my needs for my feeds into account.
We would love to attend all of your events we can make. So if, when you've managed to sit and have five minutes, you wouldn't mind sending me a list of your future events I can let you know what events we will want to attend.
Once again, many thanks;
Glynn, Tree Of Life Products.

I'd just like to say thanks to Si and Jo for having us supply pizzas at Bradford at the weekend, Sarah and I had a great time and it was great to meet and speak to a lot of you. The positive feedback means a great deal to us and we will hopefully see you again in the near future. Thanks again! 

Darren, Duke's Pizza.

I would like to say how much I appreciate your organising. The info is always helpful and detailed, and I like the fact that you insist on PLI (not everywhere checks) and that you try not to have too many people selling the same stuff!

Karen, Fun Hair Stuff


Thanks for having us, we loved mingling and chatting to the 'punkers.

Our members who saw your set up for the first time were most impressed and we took just over TWO HUNDRED pounds in donations and tombola.

We also got some great ideas for your event in July...not least of all how to run the tea room!

Thank you once again for your support and the generosity of your traders in their donations. 

John Linkins, Middleton Railway.

Pete and I had a great time over last weekend, thank you so much for inviting the Mercury Phoenix Trust to Steampunk. Such a lovely bunch of people and so talented, the costumes were amazing and very entertaining . It was good to talk to a different group of people about the Trust as awareness is the key to the never ending fight against HIV/AIDS.

We could have spent a lot more than we did but we do have a beautiful clock to remind us of our weekend and plenty of preserves to keep us going.

Pete & Maureen, The Mercury Phoenix Trust

Please email us if you would like your statement included. 

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