The 4th floor boardroom at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mill that was used in the past is only accessed by stairs which is the reason why we have decided to not put traders up there any more. 

In future we will be offering this for free to any gaming or role playing groups that would like to use it. This can be for either one of the days or both days.

The room measures approximately 24 x 50 feet.

There are several ornate but comfortable chairs, a 10 x 4 foot boardroom table, windows the full length of the room, a sink with hot and cold running water (behind a curtain, ideal for use as a changing room) and also toilets on the same floor.

 Please email if interested for any October event so that you can be included in the publicity of the weekend.

We also have an area at Bradford Industrial Museum that can also be used for gaming in addition to the coffee jousting.

There may be a couple of trestle tables supplied if we have them available, otherwise you would need to bring your own.

For both locations this is a great opportunity for anyone to promote their game and show the visitors how to play it.

Please email if interested for the events at this location (March and December 2017) so that you can be included in the publicity of the weekend.

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