Time Games Escape Room

This was with us at Armley Mill in October 2016 and returning to be with us at Middleton Railway in July 2017.

"A splendid notion"

My old friend,

I know that above all things you like a good puzzle, and I think I have found just the thing to suit.  
I myself was confounded, but I never had much beyond bats in my belfry my father said, so that's not very surprising.

You however will find it challenging I hope, but perhaps have more success than me. Maybe you will even beat the clock!

I will say no more about it, for the cat must remain firmly in the bag, only present yourself at the appointed place and hour and I have no doubt you will be both intrigued and diverted, and have a remarkable tale to tell me when we meet again.

My only advice? Don't dawdle. Time is apparently of the essence.

Yours faithfully,

Crispin Fothergill


What is an Escape Room?

A room of clues, puzzles, padlocks and hidden secrets that you must work your way through and solve with logic in order to escape before the time is up! 

No external knowledge is required, no brawn or skill. Just brain power, curiosity and the odd splendid notion.

Time Games create bespoke immersive games, and have an upcoming commission which needs both play testers and models to represent the alternative Victorian story-world characters in photographs and in a family tree. Would you like to get involved? 

If you would like to try an escape room created especially for the Leeds Steampunk Market, please book by emailing liz@timegames.org  for one of the scheduled games at Middleton Railway (all details to be fully confirmed).

We will accept up to six players at a time. Feel free to sign up to a game as a single or couple and prepare to make new friends!

Suits 12 and over.

Each game will last approximately 40 minutes and there will be four lots of games each day - times to be confirmed.

Please specify your choice of game time in order of preference when you email and how many of you will be playing. I will do my best but it will be first come first served.

Any slots left over will be booked up on the day.

Please ensure you have a working mobile phone with you on the day as we will be texting you 10 minutes before your scheduled game commences to ensure you are present. 

Up the stairs - also fully accessible by lift.

Thank you!

Liz Cable

Time Games Escape Room



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