Leeds Steampunk Market is run by steampunks Jo and Si Burgoyne-Neal.

This event has been running since October 2011 when it was originally set up by Doctor Geof and held at Leftbank on Cardigan Road.

I got asked to help co-ordinate a second one for March 2012 and dealt with everything myself, including setting up a London Steampunk Market (from Leeds!) which was scheduled for only five weeks later.

In August 2012 I was contacted by Leeds Central Library to organise a literary event as there were a lot of steampunk fantasy/horror authors coming to light. So this had a small bespoke selection of traders along with five authors doing talks, readings and Q&A sessions.

Then in October 2012 I made LSM a two day event due to the volume of traders forming an orderly queue keen to be a part of it. 

I continued doing the posters from March 2013 using Geof's artwork as a template as he was too busy with his comic deadlines and the like to be able to do them any more. This was the last time it was at Leftbank as I wanted to do more with it rather than it being “just a market”.

The logo you now see on all Leeds Steampunk Market publicity is a design that Si and I started working on before the Summer Market at Thwaite at the end of June 2015. It came about through a variety of reasons; it combines the spread wings of the Captain Cumberpatch brand, the steampunk gearwheel of LSM and my love of owls which is why HooDoo is an owl. Plus we now have a real life owl as a mascot in the form of our steampunk bird of prey display champions flown at most of our events by Amy Jo Lawrence's "Flying Squadron".

Geof designed the original artwork for LSM but he agreed that LSM has grown and evolved and is now different. The change of logo allows Geof to reuse the artwork he created for his own commercial activities.

It has actually been me doing all the work in the background on everything since the second LSM and Geof is not part of the running of LSM any more but he is always welcome at our LSM whenever his diary and deadlines allow him to. 

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