Frankenstein's Monster (the film)

 Remember Frankenstein's Monster which I showed in December 2013 and then again at Armley last year?

Had this lovely email from the makers of it:

"It has been a long road. I want to thank you for screening our extended edition of Frankenstein’s Monster your 2014 film fest. It was our honor to screen it gratis to convention guests.

I have important news to share. We've released the abridged version of our film both Streaming and DVD on Amazon.

Link for Amazon Streaming:

Link for DVD on Amazon:

I have a favor to ask. Would you be willing to forward one of these links on facebook, twitter, and/or email? Ratings in the next month are crucial for the film’s ability to show up in the Amazon listings. We are asking for folks to rate the film according to its budget size.

Thank you so much!"

So please take the time to watch it and/or buy it and leave a rating to help make it the success it deserves to be.

Many thanks

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