Once you have your attendance confirmed by email, please make your payment immediately using either the Paypal tab or by bank transfer to the account given in your invoice sent by email.

At most of our locations the traders are mixed in with the exhibitions throughout the building.

A single/standard pitch will hold ONE 6ft table (size of table is usually 18-24 inches deep) with space behind for a chair or two. You can stand either a 6ft rail in the space or a 4ft rail with a mannequin or just stick to having one 6ft trestle table – this is all it will hold and no more! Dependent on the location, the table/rail might be flush to the wall so the trader's chair might not be behind the table but to the side of it. We will try our best to meet specific requirements but this may not always be possible. Our priorities when starting on working out the floor plan is to site people according to their needs (mobility issues, access to power) and then jiggling things so we don't have two traders near each other doing similar product lines.

If you want to fit in 2 x 6ft rails/tables, either in an L shape or side by side, this will need a double pitch.

If you trade with three 6ft items, this would effectively be a triple, usually done with an L shape followed by a single.

Anything any larger, please get in touch to explain your set up more fully. 

Most venues allow us the use of the outdoor areas as well so if you want to trade from your own gazebo we can come to a special arrangement with pricing. Can't guarantee the weather nor where you will be located so bring along a A-board to put near the doors to send people your way.

Please do not assume you can bring and fit in more rails or tables than your allocated space allows as this will impact on the space next to you used by the next trader.

Details of prices for each event varies slightly due to costs. Please go to the Trader Information tab (click here) and the pitch fees are shown towards the bottom for each venue.

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