I (Jo) run the events with the help of my husband (Si) but I am the one dealing with all the running of and day to day enquiries relating to the event.

Initial interest may be initiated through social media or chatting at an event but everything must be confirmed in writing by email. I am usually on Facebook socially during the evening but only access my database of traders during the day so if you don't email me, then I won't have the information I need when I am working! 

Please ensure all future communication is addressed to me at this email:

 or by using the contact form here =>

If you are a new trader that would like to have a pitch at one of our events, please read through the information shown here first. 

This should give you all the information you need. I know it's long but it does cover everything! There is a checklist there you need to copy and paste, filling in the gaps so I have all your details.


 Lady Cumberpatch

(aka Jo Burgoyne-Neal)

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